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Hot English Magazine

With Hot English magazine you will…


• learn 500 new English expressions every month for international travel, job interviews or socialising in English.

• broaden your general knowledge and learn English at the same time with our regular sections on culture, business, music, travel, slang expressions, idioms and phrasal verbs so you can learn the English you want to learn.

• will keep learning structured yet fun, and up-to-date at the same time, ensuring you progress quickly and improve your level of English.

• have a full range of listening activities in various accents

• receive tons of new content monthly


With Hot English magazine you’ll receive…


• fun, new, up-to-date content every month to keep you motivated.

• a 100-page book with further practice for vocabulary, reading and grammar – more than 100 hours of great material, if you choose the Hot English for Students or Teachers option.

• our graded, 60-minute audio CD (or MP3 files) will help you improve your listening comprehension abilities with English accents from all over the world.