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Non c’è niente di cinese e sembra fatto molto bene e da molto tempo… E’ consigliato per chi ha già un inglese avanzato.


A:  Are you going to Sara’s party this weekend?

B:  I can’t.  I’m grounded.

A:  What did you do this time? 

B:  My mom lost it on me when she found out I had a porno magazine in my room.  She told me I’m not allowed to watch TV or meet any friends for a week. 

A:  Your mom is pretty strict.  Do you think there is any way you can get her to make an exception for the party?

B:  No way.  My mom is a total psycho about these things.  She’s so stubborn when she makes her mind up about something. 

A:  Well, you can’t miss the party.  It’s going to be amazing.  You should sneak out of your bedroom window when she’s asleep and go to the party for at least a couple hours. 


When a child does something wrong, their parents might “ground” them as
a form of punishment.  This means that the child isn’t allowed to leave
the house or do certain things such as watch TV, surf the internet, or
talk on the phone with friends. 

Lost it on me:  If
someone “loses it” on someone else it means that they lose their temper
and get uncontrollably angry.  His girlfriend lost it on him when she
saw him with another girl.

Porno Magazine:
  This is the type of “sex” magazine with mostly pictures of naked women.

Make an exception:
  This means to allow something that is normally not allowed in a similar situation. 

Ex. She told me she usually doesn’t kiss on the first date, but I guess she made an exception because of my charming behavior.

Psycho:  A “psycho” is a crazy person.  In spoken English amongst friends, we often say that people are pychos in some area of life. 

Ex. He will go psycho if someone touches his new computer.

Stubborn:  Very
unwilling to change an idea or behavior.  Even if she knows she’s wrong
she will never admit it because she is so stubborn.

Sneak out: 

“Sneaking” means to do something in a way that other people don’t
notice.  If you are “sneaking out” of the house it means that you will
leave the house quietly so that no one knows you are gone.